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I am an Architect by qualification having graduation in Music sitar into practise of Building design, Interiors, Urban planing and Project management since 1988. Our team has executed several projects in the state. We operate from a lovely studio surrounded by nature and chill air on the Dandi Heritage Marg Gandhiji walked on. I am learning and sharing my views with students at School of Architecture Vallabh Vidhyanagar. Concentrating on Basic Design studio since 1999 as a visiting faculty. I wish to re-design each street of India and conserve all precious heritage monuments, not leaving rivers and lakes barren giving meaning to life and moral duties of each citizen.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Since childhood when my parents took me first to Ambaji, an important prilgimage in gujarat my senses questioned why things are alike. Seeing beautiful rocks on hill with engraving of visitors and lovebirds I had doubts in my mind who is responsible for this. I grew up traveling length and breath of India only to learn and keep burning within, that, my nation is being spoiled each moment by virtue of our own behavior.

The beauty and bounty this nation is gifted by nature and possess heritage built by centuries of civilization is incredible in true sense. But Indians fail to nurture that beauty and care for the invaluable heritage.
May be, we think, this is given to us in charity and it will last forever or whether we are diversified to the extend; to mind our own business. Many generations has passed by, none seems to have time other then 'Incredible India Campaign' without action implemented program. Governments have national agenda of common wealth games, tax increase and price hike, space and missile technology to name a few. But like my previous blog on agenda of Street Culture and now this blog for Tourism; it seems they are on the least priority of all administration. Wherein history is the witness to growth and wealth of a nation by mere virtue of its civic sense. Tourism and good 'living' streets are one mode by which worth of a nation can be enhanced.

France invested heavily in restoring its title as Art capital of the world. We still talk about poor nation for such basic issues and on the other hand wish to be the economic power though. Instead we need to be wise enough to explore our natural wealth and heritage to mint money for the deprived. For the national pride by having well behaved, organized and knowledgeable guides outside each of the treasures we possess. For each stone and engraving the Moguls has left behind, for the armors and rich paintings the Rajputs has well placed for us. For the gracious blessing we have with magnificent canvas of Ladakh and ever existing curves of Munnar's tea plantation. Each is invaluable and can be presented in a dignified manner it deserves. So much attention is given to an inch of pebble at Roman Baths and so much hype been projected for mere 18"x24" Monalisa in the Louvers. In contrary my eyes filled with tears and my head lean to shame seeing tones of filth just outside the birth place of Lord Shri Krishna in Mathura.

I wrote a letter for my concern, views and remedy with a hope that he can, only to received stamp of receipt from the then President of India's office Dr.Kalam. Still waiting with hope.

On the event of 64th Independence day august 15th 2010 of my nation let
me reach to the crust of my nation building by my concrete expression of