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I am an Architect by qualification having graduation in Music sitar into practise of Building design, Interiors, Urban planing and Project management since 1988. Our team has executed several projects in the state. We operate from a lovely studio surrounded by nature and chill air on the Dandi Heritage Marg Gandhiji walked on. I am learning and sharing my views with students at School of Architecture Vallabh Vidhyanagar. Concentrating on Basic Design studio since 1999 as a visiting faculty. I wish to re-design each street of India and conserve all precious heritage monuments, not leaving rivers and lakes barren giving meaning to life and moral duties of each citizen.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Since childhood when my parents took me first to Ambaji, an important prilgimage in gujarat my senses questioned why things are alike. Seeing beautiful rocks on hill with engraving of visitors and lovebirds I had doubts in my mind who is responsible for this. I grew up traveling length and breath of India only to learn and keep burning within, that, my nation is being spoiled each moment by virtue of our own behavior.

The beauty and bounty this nation is gifted by nature and possess heritage built by centuries of civilization is incredible in true sense. But Indians fail to nurture that beauty and care for the invaluable heritage.
May be, we think, this is given to us in charity and it will last forever or whether we are diversified to the extend; to mind our own business. Many generations has passed by, none seems to have time other then 'Incredible India Campaign' without action implemented program. Governments have national agenda of common wealth games, tax increase and price hike, space and missile technology to name a few. But like my previous blog on agenda of Street Culture and now this blog for Tourism; it seems they are on the least priority of all administration. Wherein history is the witness to growth and wealth of a nation by mere virtue of its civic sense. Tourism and good 'living' streets are one mode by which worth of a nation can be enhanced.

France invested heavily in restoring its title as Art capital of the world. We still talk about poor nation for such basic issues and on the other hand wish to be the economic power though. Instead we need to be wise enough to explore our natural wealth and heritage to mint money for the deprived. For the national pride by having well behaved, organized and knowledgeable guides outside each of the treasures we possess. For each stone and engraving the Moguls has left behind, for the armors and rich paintings the Rajputs has well placed for us. For the gracious blessing we have with magnificent canvas of Ladakh and ever existing curves of Munnar's tea plantation. Each is invaluable and can be presented in a dignified manner it deserves. So much attention is given to an inch of pebble at Roman Baths and so much hype been projected for mere 18"x24" Monalisa in the Louvers. In contrary my eyes filled with tears and my head lean to shame seeing tones of filth just outside the birth place of Lord Shri Krishna in Mathura.

I wrote a letter for my concern, views and remedy with a hope that he can, only to received stamp of receipt from the then President of India's office Dr.Kalam. Still waiting with hope.

On the event of 64th Independence day august 15th 2010 of my nation let
me reach to the crust of my nation building by my concrete expression of

Friday, January 1, 2010


As I stepped out of the airport in Rome, one of the several places I travel, while taxing towards the hotel my mind disqualified all my efforts to enjoy the pleasure of being in the oldest civilisation of the world. Perhaps it always had a notion to see such well placed system in my nation. Although it receives well to a very impressive outfit of the civil behaviour of the people it remains a question what makes all these possible. The pattern of organised parking bay is like a well groomed room where all bits and pieces are arranged to a definite order. Driving in a lane without horn and obedience to traffic signals even before day break at 3.00am is suggestive of something the culture has imbibed without power of law.

Always crossing the street when it flashes green to walk on zebra or if bit out of line vehicle driver applies break to their car for the pedestrian. And where are those animals and cow dung on the street as if streets are washrooms for animals, 'Pujaniya Gaymata' having all rights to shit anywhere. I love and care for animals but who will send them to schools but the owner himself, unlike the people here carrying tissue for their pets while on street in case it requires to. People enjoys to walk some distance from the car park to their respective home, work or shop; it sounds good for the health too, may be, like our senior citizens they do not need knee replacement surgery. Police is simply monitoring the routine safety and emergency if any, in a manner to assist the citizens. All these like other European nations allows their own citizens peace of mind while on the street, demonstrating a certain cultural behaviour in the mind frame of the tourist.

This is not due to rules nor an enforcement by power or even need. It is a Virtue in operation since time unknown as an obligation to the citizens role in building the nation for good living. It impresses us but fails in implementation on our return to Hindustan. Once back home while commuting home I cannot stop wondering what stops the most ancient civilization by not honoring and hovering upon a good street behaviour. How long we will blame the population and the system, wherein it is simply lack of habit and haste. Although the administration has practically never laid down a blue print of street functioning as image building being occupied in focusing on economic growth. As we grow we need to allow such change to the benefits of our living and the visitors. We cannot wait till we loss someone dear by accidents or get late to the destination regretting for lifetime or witness praises from tourist for our heritage and IT but outburst towards our street management. We are free of British since 63 years, its time we "WAKE UP" and draft our way of street behaviour, we lived in chaos for generations why to leave the same for our children.

H O W ?

CAMPAIGN: Mass campaign design by professional AD makers with our culture, living and habits in view will be our spring board to awareness and education. Launch of campaign to fit in the mind-set of both rural and urban populous as an attempt to make aware the importance of good attitude on the streets and its beneficiary. India has good example of mass Gujarati campaign like Save Girl Child, Family Planing, Vibrant Gujarat, Income Tax, TOI initiatives to name a few. Do's and Dont's as well as how and why needs clear understanding by a poor to millionaire.

DE-LICENSING: Manmohan Singh took a calculated risk of gold reserve similarly let us withdrawn driving license of each Gujarati for coming three months. Followed by compulsory training and awareness session at all districts under IIM-A control. An exclusive audio visual documentary and training sessions can be scheduled with welcoming ambiance with nominal fees for all. Fees varies form normal to AC facilities as per our income strata and even free. Upon successful participation in this training session and questionnaires new sophisticated common 'Guju Card' (please look out for GC in my next blog) can be issued. The session must be insisted as participants by MLA's and their family, IAS officers, government personals, industrialist, academicians and rest will follow. Not without saying the campaign follows everywhere like that Vodafone dog.

POLICE DIGNITY: To command, to administer, to maintain order very basics is that people value their police force like they honor the army. Once people starts valuing the duty of our policemen they will start following rules. For this, respect needs to be carved in the hearts; by behaviour which is slowly changing. Instant attention and honor the way we have by default for the arm forces is due to the attire and persona. Let us provide our police men with a designed non-wrinkle all weather comfortable uniform with hat and shoes having a new era multipurpose stick instead of a danda. Hat with shining metal logo signifies brand like Mercedes, Shoe with heavy look will allow walk of power, Multipurpose stick having emergency alert; identification number; torch; scanner and many more utilities. With this attire not only they will draw respect but it will evoke self-respect for the policemen themselves.
Why they have to walk when on duty, they should always remain on alert and active mode even in our harsh climate. A small car for two policemen with a LCD, water, first aid, computer and wireless as well as mobile phones is the only means we have order and dignity for our own force. After all why is Nano car for, a specialised Nanowith Police graphics in Gujarati identified by unique paint is a good idea like 108. Incentive based salary and perks with free benefits will decrease corruption. Dignity will follow automatically and a sudden change will be witnessed loudly.
My team has just completed proposal to be submitted to the Chief Minister a much dignified attire design for our Police. The same has been reviewed by Anand District DSP Mr.Jadeja with positive remarks on 03/02/10.

STREET SCAPE: Upon successful mass campaign, delicensing and signification of Police on road the most meaningful implementation work has to be initiated. It is high time India unifies all public service like PWD, Telephone, Electric, state as well as local authorities bring order of work under one synchronized pattern. Millions of human hours and money with irregularities and mishaps occur on our street due to lack of this coordination. Each agency think of their department only blaming the other disturbing the work done by the previous one without concern for the nation as a whole. Like the role of Sam Pitroda a mission has to be set up concentrating professionally on the street scape. Each zone is under autonomous control of sensitive Architect as the CEO to analyze, re-design and execute each street of gujarat in phases. Uniform gujarat graphics, signages, footpath, roads, lightening, landscaping, open spaces, utilities, plazas, circles and traffic management must be designed and brought in practice to peoples delight. Why cannot we have grass and vegetation instead of dust and filth on our roads! Let us give new definition to outdoors and avenue built to its place, purpose and living. As we have taught the people through campaign and de-licensing seminars the discipline on the streets will automatically followed, for those who do not our dignified police will handle with easy since they have a valued role to play.
My team has prepared a master plan of Mahatma Gandhi Road, Anand as a role model to Traffic Management Solution. The same is open for public presentation in presence of District Collector, DSP, Politicians and decision maker on 19/02/10.

UNIFICATION OF SERVICES : Last but never the least we cannot ignore the fact that our valuable human resources as well as time and money is been wasted by individual behavior of our service departments. All public services linked to streets like PWD, Electrical, Telephone, Gas and Drainage needs unification and synchronized working saving time, energy, resources and mishaps on our roads. All departments must be taught that it is our nation and our roads we need to care for, not an individual asset on which we work only for the personal department duties. I always wonder why we cannot think of such a waste of time and efforts seen on our streets by multiple working since ages. One departments lays asphalts and the other digs for 'Brahmaji' to come and re-level.

Somewhere, somehow we have to begin. 63 years of freedom has made us free to misuse our constitution and democracy. How long we can afford to blame the government and the politicians. We all know our police has been defamed in the name of corruption and non- performing 'PEDA or THOLA' wherein they have controlled power and below average pay scale to work 24x7 to the tune of ORDERS. We have to blame ourselves, for not at all giving a thought to this segment of our culture and routine life. Let us start now as after centuries there stands a leader to the pride of gujarat who can if we support and be with him in this endeavor of 2010 Gujarat, Street Culture.

Any tourist stepping on this great soil will have better feeling then I had in Rome. All beloved son of the soil, NRIs coming to their motherland will love and rejoice their being a guju with pocket full of investments. All gujarati will enjoy their citizenship and breath fresh air of stress free street culture.

I do not just write a blog. I wrote from the bottom of my soul out of my vision for my country. I will lead if I am provided an opportunity. Till then I will keep on working as an individual as I have completed our task of a role-model street design in the city known as Milk capital of India-Anand. The Mahatma Gandhi Road Traffic Management scheme is sketched for implementation under my dream 'MAD'.

Step 1 :
July 20th 2010, Tuesday, CM office, Gandhinagar.

My better half Nipa Shukla upon invitation presented the 'DIGNIFYING POLICE' action plan and concept towards the new police attire reforms to the Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Follow my other aspirations 'CARING INDIA'.